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Church of Creator
Symbol A serpent eating its own tail
Name of Deity The Creator He who stands behind Existence
High Priest Tristan Te’Kale
Diametrical Opposition None (specifically not the Destroyer)
Alignment Lawful Good


The Church of the Creator

Miracle List

1st: Cure Wound, Dismiss Zombie, Detect Spirit’s Nature, Spirit of Seeing

2nd: Cure Serious Wounds, Halt Undead

3rd: Cure Disease, Cure Poison, Bless, Dismiss Ghoul, Spirit Shield, Talk to Spirits, Protection from Spirits

4th: Heal, Spirit Bolt

5th: Spiritual Invisibility

6th: Total Heal, Regeneration, Dismiss Vampire

8th: Restore Life


Members of the Church worship the Creator of all things, as understood through translations of ancient scriptures. They seek to express the goodness He wishes for all beings by carrying forth his word and doing all they can to bring relief and succour in times of strife. Abating the pain and horror that life can bring is the aim of this religion and many of its members are evangelical, actively seeking converts to the faith from among the mercenary community.

This may mean providing healing and blessings to the afflicted, or carrying the battle to those who, cloaked in anger and hatred, seek to inflict pain and horror on others.

If evil beings are helping the world then they should be given every chance and example to lead them into the light. It is not our place to judge, that privilege belongs to the Creator himself. We should respect all life, and its place in the scheme of existence even if it is not readily apparent to ourselves.

That doesn’t mean priests do not kill things however they should try to think before they do so, and having done so pay respect to the dead for taking their life from them.

Live in the best way that you can, using your life not just to be try to be free of sin yourself, but also to be a shining example to others. Members should be clearly and obviously goodly.

Tenets of the Faith

Above and behind everything lies the Creator. His nature, his thoughts and his will are beyond the comprehension of men, and any speculation of Him, the source of all, can only ever be speculation. To understand Him one must be Him.

He is the only being deserving of worship, for to worship any other is to misunderstand the source of creation. Glorify and respect the part others play in the grand scheme, but give your worship to he that instigated it all. To dedicate your soul to another is to distance yourself from the Creator.

The Twin Forces

Before the dawn of time, the Creator spoke the First Word of Creation, forming a great goddess, forged to harbour creation and all it might ever be. A moment later, he spoke the Second Word of Creation and the Destroyer came to be, such that all that was created lay at risk of destruction.

The First Word was created as a goddess in her own right, a fraction less powerful than he who created her, and in the moment before the Second Word came to be she formed the universe in all its glory. When the Second Word was uttered by the Creator, the Mother became aware of the destruction of all including herself, and so forged angels as numerous as drops of rain upon the ground. These were the embodiments of her will, created to protect and defend the world, her first-born. In an unending cascade now she gives form to her will which is consumed in the same moment by the Second Word. But His appetite matches her capacity and hence the world of the moment exists relatively untouched.

From time to time she will prosper for a moment, then fail as she tires. Or the Destroyer will drive into existence briefly before she forces him back. An eternity of strife created so a balance may exist. Why the Creator chose to do such a thing is beyond the ken of mortal man.

However, the confusion lies between those who worship the Creator himself, and those who unknowingly worship the Mother, his first-formed child. Most are confused into thinking that the Creator must oppose the Destroyer, and therefore they must fight destruction and its agents with all their might. The truth in fact is that the First and Second Words of Creation are both children of he who stands behind all, and to worship him is to glorify all of his plan, not just one part of it. The Mother is simply the first expression of His will, not the Creator himself.

The Others

Beyond the First and Second Words there are only a few creatures brought into being by His direct act, and those bear special mention. Unlike the gods of Primus and beyond, these creatures exist by the will of the Creator and are not dependant on the faith of their worshippers or the strength of their belief structure. They have no need for worship, and thus do not seek it. However, to call on their aid is the ultimate in prayer, being the closest one can come to communion with the Creator himself. One prays that they carry their words to the Creator, or intercedes with him on your behalf.

The Third Word of Creation was brought into being to see that the suffering that individuals might undergo in this eternal conflict might be lessened. It is She who is the source of supernatural good in the world, the conscious application of the benign nature of the Creator that those sentient creatures might be granted the opportunity to extract more from life than that which might otherwise be theirs to take.

Hers is the Word of healing and of solace. To worship through her is to acknowledge the Creator’s first act within the world brought into being as being benign.

Then there is the Fourth Word, the Watchful one, guidance sought and protection desired. His is the way of benediction and thought – he came into being to help those with the sense to know they required it. Where the Third Word shows compassion for all, the Fourth Word bestows His blessings only on those with the sense to seek them.

The Power of Names

It is a primary tenet of the faith that names have power, and to utter any of the Four Words of Creation would shatter any mortal form as well as perhaps attracting the attention of the force behind it.

Teachings of the Faith

Good shall triumph over evil because good was begotten by the Creator, while evil was begotten by his creation.

Why is there evil in the world?

The Destroyer is a necessary evil. Both he and the Mother are by their nature infinite and therefore can never be overcome. However, the first exercise of the will of the Creator within that which he had caused to be wrought was the Third Word, brought to alleviate suffering. This shows that the Creator is a benign being who, having forged his children (us), wishes them to grow and improve. We should therefore follow his example, and do all that we can to alleviate suffering and bring good to the world. That way we share in the joy of bettering his intentionally flawed creation and in doing so come closer to the Creator himself.

Man is a comparative beast. It is only by a difference that we can measure success or failure.

A child that is always carried will never learn to dance. A man untouched by adversity will never cherish life. In a perfect world no-one aspires to perfection. Tears of joy are shed when fear of calamity has passed.

Illian Silversword

In following the examples set by others, priests of the faith often turn to the tales of Illian Silversword, a follower of renowned purity and achievement from the First Age. A translation and compilation of these tales is available from the High Priest.

Additional Sources of Information

The Isle of Eruldine was at the end of the First Age the centre of the faith upon Primus. At that time the high priest was a man called Talarak Eruldine. The monastery which he founded still exists on that Isle and follows the faith according to the tenets penned by him. This might not be the faith as those of the church see it now, though the worship of creation has considerable influence on that place.

Notable People from History

Talarak Eruldine - High Priest at the end of the 1st age.

Constantine Voreaux - One of the first sons of the Creator; a craftsman blessed with immortality and a spark of divinity, which has seen him witness to countless ages.

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