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Welcome to the Labyrinthe Wikipedia

Labyrinthe is one of the longest running LRP systems in the country. This wiki is just one of the many ways that club members can interact with the club and the huge gameworld that has grown (mostly through player input) over the 25+ years that Labyrinthe has been running.

Labyrinthe is based within our atmospheric chalk cave site in Chislehurst, Kent (see here for an introduction to live role-play itself).

Why a Wiki?

One of the unique facets of Labyrinthe is the sheer depth of the gameworld, with multiple continents, races, factions, churches, plots, characters etc. For those that have been playing for 25+ years at Labyrinthe it's one of the things that keeps them coming back. It does, however, make for a daunting amount of history and knowledge for newer players to get to grips with.

The purpose of the Laby-Wiki is to give all players a freely available resource where you can come and look for information - both in-character and out of character. It's also a great tool for the more experienced players to pass on decades of in-game knowledge.


Well, as we launch the site we've made sure that there is a wealth of information across several subject areas (in fact there were almost 800 pages of information when we launched), but we hope that many club members will continue to add information here so that it grows along with the gameworld itself.

If you're looking for something specific then just type what you're looking for in the search box.

If you're just browsing then our Category pages might be helpful. The main category pages are listed below:

Artefacts: Over the years great artefacts and items of significant power have been discovered and lost, crafted and destroyed. Here are some of these artefacts.

Books: Background info from our sourcebooks.

Church: Some of the faiths both active and inactive in the gameworld.

Creatures: A range of the friendly and unfriendly creatures that can be encountered.

Geography: A huge category which is made up of several subcategories which aim to describe some of the many places of interest, cities, landmarks etc.

Subcategories include Regions, including the Far North, the Southern Baronies.

These are followed (roughly in descending order of size) by Cities, Towns,Villages, Places (which would include buildings and structures), other than Taverns which play such a big part in Labyrinthian life that we felt they deserve their own category. Rivers also have their own category.

Glossary: IC (In Character) and OOC terms used at Labyrinthe.

Guilds: Groups of (usually) like-minded mercenaries.

History: Important events from the 25+ years of background.

Noble House: Various houses of nobility.

OOC: OOC (Out of Character)

Organisations: Various groups, some of which are common enough to warrent their own category: Tribes, Factions and Legions.

People: Entries for both player characters (PC) and non-player character (NPC) descriptions.

Plants and Herbs: Some of the many herbs and plants that can be found and used.

Professions: Some of the many different classes of character that can be played.

Races: Some of the many different races that can be played or met.

Site: Locations within the caves & other sites used by Labyrinthe

Stories: A place for in-character stories of epic proportion, poems, songs, prayers etc.

Miscellaneous: For anything that doesn't really fit elsewhere - there are always some!

How do I get involved?

We really hope that club members will get involved and add their character details, background information, stories, write ups of adventures, plot information etc. Anything to do with the Labyrinthe gameworld is appropriate.

If you want to get involved in this interactive user driven resource then please refer to the Labywiki Guidelines page. For more technical information on submitting and using a wiki please consult the Wikipedia User's Guide or FAQ for information on using the wiki software.

We really do hope that club members enjoy reading and contributing to the LabyWiki.

Laby CMT

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